5 Signs Your HVAC is Ready to Fail

Posted - June 14, 2019
Signs Your HVAC is Failing

It’s summertime and the number one priority during a hot Texas day is to make sure your HVAC is running smoothly. However, with a lack of scheduled maintenance, your system could be damaged by working too hard to give you cool air.

If you experience any of these five symptoms of a damaged or overworked air-conditioning unit, it’s time to start scheduling some maintenance before it’s too late.

HVAC Short Cycling

An HVAC that is working overtime could fall victim to short cycling, which means your unit is cutting off the cool air before its cycle can be completed. Short cycling puts a lot of stress on your system and is typically the result of:

  • A failing compressor
  • Clogged filters
  • Low refrigerant
  • Improperly sized unit for your home

Humidity While in Operation

When your air-conditioning is properly functioning, your house should always feel dry. If you start to feel moist and humid in your home, this could be a problem with your air conditioner’s coils. Your coils are what remove the heat from your home’s air and keep your living space cool.

Without proper maintenance, your coils can easily collect dirt and grime that results in humidity and an unclean breathing environment for your family.

Warm Air

This may seem like an obvious concern, but it’s one we feel needs to be addressed. If your air conditioner is blowing out warm air, this is a huge red flag. This is the indication that something is wrong with your refrigerant lines. If the problem is left unattended, it will greatly shorten the lifespan of your system.

Horrible Smells

The air quality in your home should always be clean. So if your HVAC is pumping out a musty scent, it’s time to call a maintenance team to figure out what’s wrong. From mold spores to old metal, any negative smell coming from your unit is an indicator of a serious and unhealthy problem.

Higher Energy Bills

Keep track of your electric bill. If you notice a substantial spike in how much you are paying for your cool air when compared to last summer, you could be in need of HVAC maintenance or repairs. Before expenses go beyond a higher monthly bill, we suggest calling out an HVAC expert to come out and look over your system.

Need a New HVAC Unit, iiirth can Help!

If you’ve unfortunately ignored the signs of a failing HVAC and are now in need of a replacement product, the experts at iiirth want to help you. We specialize in improving the overall health of our client’s homes and are ready to show you energy-efficient options that will allow your household to breathe easy.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a visit from one of our professional contractors. We look forward to using our expertise to boost the air quality of your home.