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Maintaining the quality of the air in your office is important.

Most people think that HVAC services are all that is necessary to keep a commercial location happy and healthy. While this maintenance is important, there are other ways to improve the air-quality, morale, and overall production at your commercial building.

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The Importance of Changing Out Air Filters

Air filters are the foundation of your HVAC system and need to be changed out regularly. Changing your air filters ensures that your heating and air-conditioning system will continue operating at peak efficiency. We understand that changing out the air filters in a commercial building can be a job on its own. That is why iiirth is happy to offer you our air filter replacement and installation services. Let us help you keep your office unit running smoothly.

Protect Your Office

Through Air Purifier and Dehumidifier Installation
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Changing out air filters is a great way to keep the air pure in your office, but other products we install like air purifiers and dehumidifiers offer an extra boost of environmental friendliness for your commercial building.

Air pollutants can contaminate the air of every room in your building. Breathing in contaminated air in this situation is simply unavoidable. By installing an air purifier in your office, you can vastly improve the air quality of your office by:

  • Combating airborne particles
  • Fight germs and bacteria
  • Eliminate chemical odors and vapors

During the warmer Texas months, the air outside can do a number on your skin cells and your HVAC unit. By installing a dehumidifier in your office, you can help to keep the air hitting your skin and lungs cool and crisp.

Stay Cool Year-Round with iiirth!

Taking every measure possible to ensure that your office is pumping out clean air is simply excellent management.

We know that making these decisions can be a lot to understand, and that is why the team at iiirth is always available to answer our client’s questions and help them make the best choice for their employees.

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