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A Failing HVAC Unit Can Impact Your Bottom Line

As a business owner, finances are a big concern. Did you know that failing to maintain your HVAC can contribute to your stress?

Half of all office-related illnesses are caused by poor air-quality⁠—air pumped through the office through a gunk-filled HVAC. This means that not only is your unit working overtime to keep your office “cool,” but you may face a decline in production efforts if workers are absent or unproductive from air-related illnesses.

Dirt and dust are some of the leading causes in respiratory illnesses. As lovers of the environment and the people sharing it with us, iiirth takes our clean air seriously. Our rule of thumb is, if your HVAC unit is older than you are, it’s time for a replacement.

iiirth experts can properly assess the air quality in your building. We can also be a helping hand in regular HVAC maintenance or replacement if needed.

Improve Your Air Quality with HVAC Replacement Through iiirth!

Even when well-maintained, most of these systems routinely last about 15-years. If you know that your HVAC unit is that age or older, it’s time to start considering a replacement. The experts at iiirth can help your management team decide what type of unit is the most economical and environmentally-friendly choice for your location.