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Anyone who has seen an office being built understands that insulation is a key aspect of construction.

One misconception that people have regarding insulation is that once it’s installed, its thickness will last and the insulation will always do its job.

The age of insulation, the materials, and the reliability of the contractor that installed it all matter. Should any of these elements fail, your office could need insulation replacement or other remedies.

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Insulation Keeps Your Office Regulated

Adding insulation in areas like the attic helps keep your workplace’s temperature regulated. This is especially helpful during Texas’ colder months. During the winter, energy used from your HVAC to heat up an office moves up from its source. Without proper insulation, this air would escape, making your office’s temperature nearly impossible to regulate.

Stay Protected from the Elements While Saving Money

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It’s a known fact that colder locations can quickly become unhealthy ones for those residing in them. Your office is no different. Insulation helps to protect your employees from the elements. A well-insulated building helps to ensure that:

  • Employees remain healthy and in work;
  • Production continues at a reasonable pace; and
  • Money is saved through less sick days and less energy overuse.
iiirth Provides You Insulation Options that Help the Environment

We offer two forms of insulation: fiberglass and foam encapsulation.

They are both effective materials that will line your building with a sturdy barrier of protection. Each are affordable options that provide an environmentally-friendly option to keep mold and pests away from your structure.

Have Your Insulation

Inspected by iiirth Today!

If you are experiencing high energy bills and difficulty keeping the temperature in your office at a reasonable level, then your insulation may need to be replaced.

iiirth is a company that focuses on energy-efficient construction for commercial and residential structures. By scheduling an inspection with our team, you can best determine the route to take for your insulation installation.

Contact us today to find out more about this service.

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