Is a Wi-Fi Thermostat right for you?

Posted - January 4, 2018

There’s an app for that.

With a wi-fi based thermostat, change the temperature of your house from anywhere, anytime.

There’s not much more to it.

Just make sure you grab your phone and download the app.

Six awesome ways your wi-fi thermostat will benefit you:

  • Never get out of bed again
  • Stay on your comfy couch
  • Feel warm when you’re cold (no standing required)
  • Feel cool when you’re hot (no standing required, again)
  • Don’t interrupt the call you’re having by yelling at your spouse to PLEASE take care of the temperature!
  • Spend less time worrying if you’re being energy efficient to the max
  • BONUS 7: Actually be energy efficient to the max, all the time

And another thing you can do:

Create a schedule. Yeah, for the temperature of your home. Technology, meet life.


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