Keeping Your Roof Replacement Environmentally Sound

Posted - June 30, 2019
Keeping Your Roof Replacement Green

Your home’s roof was built to last, but nothing lasts forever. Eventually, your shingles may begin to peel or a leak will rear its ugly head and it’ll be time to replace your roof. Lately, environmental purchases are the direction most consumers are headed, so why not think “green” about your roofing choices?

 During the planning process, make an informed decision to protect your family as well as the environment through sustainable roofing.

How Does Roofing Impact The Environment?

Even though asphalt shingles are some of the most common materials used in roofing, their production and eventual waste greatly contribute to the deterioration of local environments. Asphalt roofs are created from fossil fuels. As tons of retired shingles lay to waste in our landfills every year, these materials eventually emit polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that can be cancer-causing towards workers at landfills dealing with these materials.

What Are the Benefits of Sustainable Roofing?

When you choose sustainable roofing through iiirth, your family or commercial building becomes part of the solution we strive for as a company. There are several steps towards environmentally-friendly roofing available on the market.

Green Roofing

One type of roof that has increasingly become popular among homeowners is the “green” roof. These roofs use vegetation as one of its building layers to protect the roof from ultraviolet rays. The vegetation involved with these types of rooftops adds a layer of insulation and virtually eliminates the issue of heat seeping into a building and creating the urban heat island effect.

Metal Roofing

Aside from metal roofing being a 100 percent recyclable material, there are some serious benefits that can be had from using this option. Metal roofs have significantly greater longevity. They can last up to 60-years or more. They are extremely energy efficient due to their high solar reflectance capabilities and will improve your home value as the push to go “green” increases.

Roof Coating

Hiring a professional team to add a layer of roof coating to your structure will result in some amazing benefits for your wallet and the environment. When applied to a rooftop, SPF coating reflects the sun’s rays and prevents your HVAC system from working overtime. In the long run, this reduces your energy bill and limits the emissions your system would be blasting out as it struggles to keep your conditions comfortable.

Experience Sustainable, Reliable Roofing with iiirth!

If you suspect that it’s time for a new roof but aren’t sure where to start with a “green” solution, the team members at iiirth are ready to help. We are a Texas-based company that has over 30-years of experience with creating environmentally friendly and healthy home improvement and maintenance options. 

At iiirth, we don’t view clients as another paycheck. We care about your well-being and it shows through the numerous environmentally-friendly services we offer. Contact us today and find out more about our commercial and residential services in your area!