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Whether you need your home serviced for HVAC, roofing, air filtration, or insulation, or if you just want to "go solar", you want a contractor you can trust.
You want a partner, not a salesman.

iiirth doesn’t give you the hard-sell when it comes to investing in your home. Instead, it’s more important to us to have an extremely personal touch—with the same person partnering with you throughout your service project. We want you to have a healthy place to live and will do everything we can to fulfill your requests.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Your home is likely your most significant asset; it’s also where you eat, sleep, and socialize. You want to be comfortable in your home with both temperature and air quality. iiirth takes pride in looking after your health and your comfort—ensuring that your heating and air conditioning are eco-friendly, efficient and economical.

Dallas, Texas heating and air conditioning


Your roof is the guardian over the people and things you love. It’s important that your roof be free of leaks to prevent damage to the inside of your home and to prevent black mold. iiirth will repair or replace your roof with premium, warrantied materials and excellent workmanship. We stand behind our work and partner with you throughout your project. We’ll help you deal with insurance, keeping your project as affordable as possible. iiirth will help keep the roof over your head worry-free.

Roofing Company in Dallas, Texas

Air Filtration

We seldom think of poor air quality or pollutants when thinking about the inside of our home, but we should. At iiirth, we know from personal experience how important the air you breathe indoors can affect your health. Chemicals, allergens, and pollution get into your home and, without a proper and well-working air filtration system, people in your home breathe that air. By using a combination of systems such as air purifiers, radon, and carbon monoxide detectors, humidity controls and air filtration systems, we can clean up the air you breathe and keep your home healthy!

Dallas, Texas Air Filtration Contractor


No one wants to throw money out of the windows, but when your home is improperly insulated, that’s exactly what you’re doing. The gaps around your windows and doors, vacant pockets in the walls and insufficient attic insulation allow heating and air conditioning to escape your home. If you’re considering adding insulation, your personal iiirth representative can review several options with you.

Residential insulation in Dallas, Texas


Solar power is the future. The sun comes up every day—why not make it work for you? The Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex gets more sun than most US cities, so it’s is a great place to utilize the many tax credits and rebates available to homeowners who take advantage of solar power. Most of the costs are upfront and the long-term savings are worth it. Speak with your personal iiirth representative to discover if solar is a good fit for your home.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Company Dallas TX

Our motto of “Love your home, love your family, love your Earth” is the motivation that drives iiirth to provide residential services.

Since 2011, iiirth has been committed to customer service beyond profit. Our motto of “Love your home, love your family, love your Earth” is the motivation that drives iiirth to provide residential services of HVAC, roofing, air filtration, insulation and solar energy with integrity and a focus on our customers.

We want your home to be sturdy, well cared for, comfortable and healthy for you and your family. Reach out to us today to discover how our services can help make your home comfortable and eco-friendly.

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