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Your roof is your guardian of the people and things that live under it.

It protects your family from storms, rain, snow, heat and wind. You work hard to have a home and all the things that you have inside, so your roof needs to be something you don’t often have to think about but can trust to do its job.

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To breathe easy in your home, it needs to be free of mold and mildew. A leaky roof allows moisture into your house, into places you probably won’t notice at first. Roof decking, attics and the insides of walls could have mold without you ever knowing. Leaky valleys, damaged shingles, and underlayment can allow rain into those unseen spaces.

If you suspect that you may have some roofing issues, it is important to have iiirth out to assess your roof. Sometimes it is as easy as a repair, but it could be necessary to replace the roof. Some signs of needing a new roof include curled or cracked shingles, streaks in the roof, balding areas, moss or mold buildup, showing age or if a roof is more than 20-years old. Catching those signs sooner could be the difference of replacing a roof or doing the roof and doing inside repairs or mold removal.

Replace With What You Have

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Most homes use asphalt shingles for their roofing product, but shingles come in different grades and life expectancies. The roofing industry is full of options when it comes to your roofing choice. iiirth professionals are happy to sit down with our customers to show the materials and colors, and to discuss the life-span of each product.

We want our customers to make informed decisions and feel like they have a partner in taking care of their home. Whether you want an asphalt shingle, metal roof, tile shingles or metal roofing that looks like shingles, iiirth will guide you through the process. Just because you have an asphalt shingled roof now, you are not locked into doing the same roof. The industry has improved its materials and made them more ecologically friendly. Recycled material shingles, reclaimed slate or clay, reinforced rubber shingles, corrugated roofing, and standing-seam metal roofs are all eco-friendly materials.


When being eco-friendly, using products to keep your home cooler during the brutal Dallas summers is important.

iiirth uses appropriate overlays and radiant barriers to give your HVAC a little help in the heat.

Roof Replacement


It just looks like a roof to most, but your roof has many layers and features to know about. You want your roof to protect, look aesthetically pleasing and be ecologically sound. You want a roofing contractor who isn’t trying to “sell” you or pressure you into a decision. What you want is a roofing expert with a personal touch, helping you to make educated, financially responsible decisions. You want someone who will help you with insurance issues and HOA rules. iiirth is the partner you need to repair or replace your existing roof. Your roof is the literal head of your home. Keep it eco-friendly and safe for your family. Contact us today to find out how iiirth can help.

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