Top 4 Reasons You Need A Smart Home Security System

Posted - August 16, 2019
Smart Home Security

Making your house a smart home starts with a smarter security system. In a world where everything is connected via the cloud or apps, it has never been easier to bring modern technology to your home.

iiirth is a strong proponent of the smart home and is prepared to help our clients get their home connected to a security system that lives up to modern standards like app capabilities and voice command.

Your home is your sanctuary and should be protected as such. Here are five key reasons why your family should switch to an energy-efficient smart home security system

1. Criminals Have Gotten Smarter…So Should Your Smart Home Security

Unfortunately, with the evolution of technology comes the evolution of crime. Criminals have become even more tech-savvy and have the means of getting around a standard home security system undetected. 

Beef up your security with smart security features that aren’t easy to sneak past. Some of the most prominent features of smart security systems include:

  • Motion sensor cameras
  • Facial recognition
  • Hi-resolution video
  • Two-way audio systems

2. Enjoy Customizable Options

No matter the type of smart home security system you spring for, there is always the option for customization. Your home is unique and your security system should be too. 

When you schedule smart home services with iiirth, our team of experts will closely survey your home and provide you with the best security options for your home’s layout. From surveillance cameras to sensor placement, iiirth has your family covered.

3. Stay Informed On The Go!

The beauty of a smart home is that it keeps tabs on itself even when you aren’t home to do so. With the power of mobile connectivity, you can always be aware of what’s going on in and around your home. 

Depending on the setup of your security system, you can be alerted of important occurrences like:

  • A break-in
  • A visitor at your door
  • Emergency alerts
  • Carbon Monoxide detection

4. Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

When you have a smart security system connected to your home, you are actively participating in environmental sustainability. Not only does your smart home security system keep your residence secure, but it also allows you to decrease wasted energy in other areas of your home. 

Some ways that your smart home security system can help reduce your carbon footprint include:

  • Allowing you to remotely control your home’s electricity;
  • Remote thermostat adjustment;
  • Forgoing materials needed for keys via a smart lock!

Get Connected with Smarter Security Through iiirth, Today!

At iiirth, we work with leading brands in home security to ensure our clients receive the best products on the market. If you’re ready to have a security system that compliments your modern lifestyle, we’re ready to set up your installation. From access control to HD security cameras, our team will get your house secure in no time. Contact us to find out more about our services and installation process.