Top Benefits of Investing in A Commercial Generator

Posted - July 23, 2019
Commercial Generator

No matter your industry, power is essential to its success. When the lights do eventually go out, you could be in some serious financial trouble if you don’t have a commercial generator on standby.

Don’t let your business lose money over a blackout you can’t control.

Why Get a Commercial Generator?

Generators can provide several benefits to facilities that use their energy in a pinch. They offer fast, reliable energy that instantly kicks in once a building’s general energy source quits in a blackout.

Generac commercial generators provide a sense of insurance as well as:=

  • Less downtime;
  • Competitive leg-up;
  • Comfort for the workplace.

Here’s a closer look at why backup generators can help keep the lights on in the darkest times.

1.   Some Industries Are Crippled Without Power

Major industries like food service and healthcare rely on power to remain on at all times. Without power, restaurants, supermarkets, and other food-related businesses will quickly begin to lose clientele and products.

On an even more serious note, when the power goes out and a healthcare facility has no backup power, surgeries can’t be performed, equipment can’t function properly, and medications are unable to be safely stored. Not only does lack of power cost a healthcare facility in revenue, but it also puts the lives of patients relying on the facility at risk for further complications.

2.   Protect Your Business From Theft

If your business relies on advanced security systems to prevent theft, when the power goes out, so does your protection. By installing a commercial generator, you can provide the extra insurance that your business won’t become a victim of theft during a blackout.

3.   Avoid General Office Downtime

In commercial industries, loss of power can lead to loss of internet, downed computers, and defunct registers. This means your office will experience downtime that reduces productivity during a standard workday.

With the assistance of backup power, your facility can push through this minor bump in the road and continue to work during a time when other businesses are temporarily down for the count; which leads us to our next point.

4.   Take Control of the Competitive Advantage

If your business is able to remain open during an outage, then you have a serious competitive advantage over similar businesses who don’t rely on emergency power. Think about it, if you run a restaurant during a blackout when surrounding restaurants are closed down, where are customers going to flock to?

The solution is simple, install a commercial generator, today!

5.   Keep Your Employees Comfortable

Finally, what is a successful company without comfortable employees? Especially during a summer or winter outage in Texas, when the weather is crazy, commercial generators can be an unexpected comfort.

Should the power go out, make sure your employees stay comfortable with a generator that will keep your HVAC system running as planned.

Install and Maintain Reliable Commercial Generators with iiirth

If you’re a Dallas business owner who doesn’t have a backup plan for a blackout, the team at iiirth can help! We are a company that specialized in providing energy-efficient equipment and services to our clients. From roofing to HVAC systems, we will install and maintain the products we stand behind. Get in touch with us to find out more about our commercial services.