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Posted - April 22, 2019
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Welcome to iiirth! We are a company that is proud to have over 30 years of combined experience in our industry. We specialize in HVAC service, but not just to keep your home comfortable. We specialize in keeping your home as healthy as possible. iiirth is a pioneer in providing our customers with a healthy home or business environment.

More than Just Residential & Commercial HVAC Services

When you need your home serviced for HVAC, air filtration, insulation, roofing or if you are wanting to go solar, you don’t want a salesman. You want and need a contractor who will partner with you for the long-term, someone you can trust.

Since your home is where you eat, sleep and socialize, it is important that it be comfortable. The temperature you live in is important during those hot North Texas summers and fluctuating winter temperatures. At iiirth, we only install high quality, eco-friendly units that can handle the demands our homes put on it.

Air Quality Inside Your Home

When thinking of your home’s temperature, do you think of your home’s air quality? iiirth does. The air you breathe indoors affects your health as much as the outdoor air quality. iiirth uses a combination of systems: air purifiers, radon and carbon monoxide detectors, humidity control, and air filtration to ensure you are breathing the healthiest air possible.

Your Roof is Important Too

Your roof is the guardian over all you value inside of your home, the people and the things. iiirth truly cares that your roof is solid. We will repair or replace your roof with premium, warrantied material and quality workmanship. We will help you deal with insurance and help you keep your project as affordable as possible.

Solar Power Is the Future and iiirth Can Make Is Part of Your Future!

The sun comes up every day, so why not make it work for you? There are many state and national programs that will allow you tax credits and rebates to make this investment affordable. If you are thinking solar, iiirth is the logical solar company.

Commercial HVAC Company

iiirth is also your construction and commercial contractor. We believe that a healthy environment doesn’t end with residential properties. The iiirth team can show you how we can help you look after the planet and the people within your commercial property.

Age is probably one of the biggest reasons for commercial HVAC failure. Failure to service or avoiding replacing units can often cost more money than it saves. Our HVAC services can help you clean the gunk out of your system and, in turn, reduce your bills. We can honestly advise you whether it is appropriate to repair your unit, or if it is necessary to replace it. Like residential, we partner with our commercial customers to provide excellent advice, service and customer care.

Our founders began in the construction business and it has remained a focus for iiirth. When a customer is concerned about the structural integrity of a commercial building, our team of professionals can inspect the location for roofing issues, insulation problems, and issues with air filtration.  We can do repairs; we can upgrade existing units. We can help you with your commercial property to save money, provide more eco-friendly units and provide cleaner air for the people working inside of the property.

We Want to Be Your Heating, Cooling & Energy Partner

iiirth is the only roofing and energy contractor in American and we are prepared to use our unique spot in the industry to build lasting relationships with our residential and commercial clients. We want our iiirth clients to know that we believe in a healthy environment…inside and outside.